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Website Update History-2004


30 December 2004 Added Liddy Holloway death notice to homepage; reduced info about Weisbrot book on homepage; added Xena season 6 to dvd info on homepage; removed SciFi mag mention of H:TLJ from homepage; removed Christmas in the Park from Future Projects; fixed links throughout website; counter at 20151.

15 December 2004 Added Herald kudos article to homepage; removed Fracture article, Christmas in the Park announcement, and A Christmas Carol article from homepage; created A Christmas Carol page; updated Jennifer page--moved A Christmas Carol to completed side and linked it to new Christmas Carol page; counter at 19727.

28 November 2004 Removed Jennifer Jubilation announcement from homepage; added link to Jennifer's official website to her name in the homepage introduction; updated Jennifer page--added WOMAD Jubilation gig; counter at 19107.

25 November 2004 Added AK05 kick-off pics to homepage and AK05 Kick-off page; counter at 18957.

22 November 2004 Added Jack and the Beanstalk info to homepage and Future Projects; counter at 18880.

21 November 2004 Added Sunday Star-Times review snippet to Christmas Carol article on homepage; counter at 18779.

18 November 2004 Added the autographmania cancellation notice to homepage and Future Projects ; counter at 18700.

15 November 2004 Significant clean-up of link-rot and typos on many pages; updates on Fracture , homepage, Recent Projects, Future Projects, Jennifer page; counter at 18593.

14 September 2004 Removed Montreal Film Festival info and added links to reviews to the Fracture article on homepage; added Jennifer's She magazine article info to homepage; created Fracture review pages: stuff.co.nz, Star-Times , NZ Herald, and varsity.co.nz; added links to reviews to Fracture page;counter at 16926.

27 August 2004 Added Montreal Film Festival info to Fracture article on homepage; counter at 16434.

17 August 2004 Removed The Bach from homepage (Bach page yet to be added); added Fracture release news, convention news, and link to Whoosh interview to homepage; counter at 16108.

13 August 2004 Added Autographmania convention to Future Projects; counter at 15973.

5 August 2004 Removed EGGS debate article from homepage and from Future Projects; rearranged order of articles on homepage; counter at 15695.

2 August 2004 Added page for the Gielgud review and Listener "What I'm Reading" article, with a reference to each on the homepage; counter at 15601.

30 July 2004 Added EGGS debate to homepage; added Murder on The Blade to Recent Projects; counter at 15483.

21 July 2004 Replaced flyer graphic with program graphic on Goldie page; added Creation con to Jennifer page; counter at 15176.

20 July 2004 On Future Projects page: revised Star Jam info; added EGGS debate; on homepage: added Portraits info; Hamlet page: added link to the Hamlet page on The Large Group website; counter at 15091.

19 July 2004 Reduced Macbeth article on homepage; made The Bach the top story on homepage; moved Macbeth to the completed side and added A Christmas Carol and Jubilation choir gig on Jennifer page; counter at 15051.

18 July 2004 Created Macbeth page; created Xpress review page; created Macbeth cast and crew page; added Macbeth to Recent Projects page; removed Macbeth and added Star Jam to Future Projects page; counter at 15006.

13 June 2004 Removed Fracture distribution notice from homepage; added The Bach to homepage; counter at 13906.

8 June 2004 Added Classic Hits radio interview; counter at 13745.

7 June 2004 Added Macbeth Listener review; added snippet from Listener review to homepage; counter at 13699.

6 June 2004 Added Macbeth Sunday Star-Times review; added snippets from Star-Times review to homepage; counter at 13505.

1 June 2004 Removed Goldie from homepage; created Goldie page; removed Jubilee dvd release info from homepage; removed Hercules season 3 dvd release info from homepage; added Macbeth review snippets to homepage; created Macbeth NZ Herald review page; created Macbeth NZ Herald preview article page; created Macbeth bFM interview page; created Macbeth National Radio interview page; counter at 13397.

6 May 2004 Created Goldie NBR review page; added teaser for NBR review to homepage; created Travesties NBR review page; created Rocky Horror NBR review page; counter at 12595.

3 May 2004 Created Goldie Listener review page; added teaser for Listener review to homepage; counter at 12435.

2 May 2004 Shortened teaser for Goldie preview article on homepage and added teaser for Star-Times review; created Goldie Star-Times review page; consolidated Fracture information on homepage; counter at 12369.

25 April 2004 Removed Fracture-in-Auckland paragraph from homepage; created Goldie review (NZ Herald) page, added review teaser to homepage ; belatedly added Measure for Measure to Recent Projects page; counter at 12066.

24 April 2004 Homepage revisions: Moved Goldie back below Macbeth; removed Goldie flyer and replaced it with MH version of Macbeth flyer; linked to The Large Group website; removed Jubilation choir article; other revisions: moved Jubilation choir to completed side on Jennifer index page; re-linked The Large Group link on Hamlet page to The Large Group website ; counter at 12004.

20 April 2004 Added Jubilee region 4 dvd release info to homepage and Jubilee page; updated changed official Jubilee website links on Jubilee page; created Goldie preview article page; added Goldie preview teaser to Goldie article on homepage ; counter at 11809.

19 April 2004 Added Jubilation Choir gig to homepage and Jennifer index page; counter at 11751.

16 April 2004 Added distribution announcement teaser and link to Fracture article on homepage; added Fracture in Auckland in Film Festival info to homepage; updated Fracture page with link to new Fracture distribution article page; moved Arohaotearoa to completed side on Jennifer index page; deleted Old Wicked Songs from Jennifer index page (project cancelled); changed Arohaotearoa page to past tense; counter at 11647.

14 April 2004 Added Travesties review (an oldie but a goodie) with link from Travesties page; added xtramsn review to Arohaotearoa page; counter at 11546.

12 April 2004 Added Sunday Star-Times and NZ Listener reviews to Arohaotearoa page; counter at 11414.

11 April 2004 General revision of homepage--added Goldie flyer pic and article; removed end of year kudos and laureate articles; reduced dvd release article to basics; counter at 11384.

8 April 2004 Removed Measure for Measure from homepage; counter at 11278.

4 April 2004 Corrections and revisions to the homepage--added info on the release of H:TLJ season 4, added that Cliff Curtis was the actor who came in first in front of Michael for Best Actor in the Metro reader's poll (with maybe 3 million people in NZ seeing Whale Rider and fewer than 20,000 seeing Hamlet and Aladdin combined, 2nd place is quite an accomplishment!), corrected typos and formatting; added Herald review to Arohaotearoa page and teaser from review to homepage; counter at 11038.

2 April 2004 Updated Fracture page with link to new Fracture review page; counter at 10918.

30 March 2004 Added NZ Herald article to Arohaotearoa; counter at 10676.

25 March 2004 Created Measure for Measure page; added teaser from M4M Director's Notes to homepage; added Waikato Times review to Marlene in Hamilton page; counter at 10514.

26 March 2004 Added Macbeth poster to homepage; counter at 10421.

21 March 2004 Added Metro readers poll results to kudos article on homepage; counter at 10227.

18 March 2004 Added H:TLJ season 3 dvd info to homepage; added Old Wicked Songs to Jennifer index page; created Old Wicked Songs page; counter at 10084.

13 March 2004 Removed Ripley from homepage; moved Ripley to completed side on Jennifer index page; added Macbeth casting information to homepage; added Arohaotearoa ticket information to homepage; counter at 9885.

10 March 2004 Archived 2003 Website Update History onto a separate page; counter at 9722.

10 March 2004 Added additional information about Macbeth to homepage and Future Projects; added Macbeth to Jennifer index page; counter at 9706.

8 March 2004 Added Measure for Measure to homepage; removed Measure for Measure from Future Projects; counter at 9633.

6 March 2004 Added Treasure Island Kids films to Recent Projects; added Awards category to Recent Projects for Cult TV and Laureate awards; removed Treasure Island Kids films from homepage; added link to Treasure Island Kids video clip to Treasure Island Kids page; added Arohaotearoa to homepage; added details of Cult TV award to Cult TV page; cut back Laureate article on homepage; counter at 9570.

5 March 2004 Corrected the closing date for The Talented Mr. Ripley on the homepage and Jennifer index page; added Arohaotearoa to Jennifer index page; created Arohaotearoa page; counter at 9530.

1 March 2004 Removed Marlene at Hamilton Gardens Festival from homepage; moved Marlene at Hamilton Gardens to completed side on Jennifer index page; added update to Fracture page; counter at 9381.

27 February 2004 Revision of homepage: Added Macbeth headline and article; cut back Hamlet kudos article; changed The Large Group 2004 offering on Future Projects page from 3Penny to Macbeth; counter at 9222.

24 February 2004 Added Marlene at Hamilton Gardens Festival to homepage; added link to video clip to Treasure Island Kids article on homepage; counter at 9141 (counter was added to site one year ago yesterday).

13 February 2004 Changed Ripley to present tense on homepage; counter at 8720.

4 February 2004 Created Treasure Island Kids page with on-set pics; removed Treasure Island Kids from Future Projects page; counter at 8352.

24 January 2004 Overall revision of homepage: added Mr. Ripley info, reduced year-end kudos article to excerpts, and created separateyear-end kudos page; on Jennifer index page, moved Christmas in the Park to completed column; added NZ Listener "best actress" runner-up citation to Marlene page; counter at 7952.

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