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Shooting for the film Crime Story, which both Michael Hurst and Jennifer Ward-Lealand appear in, was completed in early 2002. However, it is one of four New Zealand films that have not been completed or released because of the failure of the production company that was making them. The New Zealand Film Commission and other involved parties are trying to find a way to get the post-production work completed so the films can be released. Crime Story is based on the Maurice Gee novel of the same name.

The pictures below are taken from a New Zealand TVOne current affairs show called Assignment, in the episode "Filmz" (September 2002) which examined the state of the New Zealand film industry. We hope to soon be able to update this page with a full treatment of the actual film.

22 March 2003--from the Dominion Post (Wellington, NZ): "The New Zealand Film Commission has settled Peter Jackson's bill for work done on Kombi Nation and Crime Story, allowing the films to be completed, the parties said. Work was held up when Wellington company Kahukura Productions went into liquidation a year ago".

14 May 2003--In the May 2003 On Film magazine (a trade publication for the New Zealand entertainment industry), New Zealand Film Commission chief executive Ruth Harley is quoted as saying, "The Film Commission holds all the rights to Crime Story because it purchased them from the liquidator." The Commission has also approved an additional $774,000 to complete post-production on the film, whose title has now been changed to Fracture. According to producer Charlie McLellan, the new name "works on many different levels of the story". It also notes that the name Crime Story has previously been used for both film and television productions.

18 September 2003--The September 2003 edition of On Film magazine lists Fracture as being in post-production.

2 April 2004--Fracture had its New Zealand premiere in Wellington on 1 April; however, it reportedly will not be released throughout the country until August. Click here for review.

16 April 2004--Distribution has now been arranged for Fracture, which is now expected to open throughout New Zealand in early September. Click here for press release, which includes reaction to the 1 April Wellington premiere.

9 September 2004--Fracture opens throughout New Zealand. See links below for reviews.

28 October 2004--The New Zealand Film Commission released the following press release:  "Fracture . . . screened this week in competition in the St Tropez Film Festival in the south of France.  The French audience voted it the most popular film in the festival."


Scenes from the trailer for Crime Story

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