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Maddigan's Quest

Maddigan's Quest began airing 11 February 2006 on TV3 in New Zealand.

It was shown on BBC1 in the UK and on Nine Network in Australia. 

DVD sets are available for Regions 2 (UK) and 4 (NZ, Australia).  Both sets have all of the episodes.  In addition,
the region 4 set also has producers' commentary on the first and last episodes, interviews with the production
and costume designers, behind-the-scenes footage, brief interviews with some of the cast, a photo gallery, etc.


Maddigan's Quest is a 13-episode fantasy tv series created by internationally-renowned NZ children's author Margaret Mahy and produced by South Pacific Pictures.  It was filmed in the Auckland area in early 2005.  Michael plays the cyborg, Maska.

From the South Pacific Pictures website:  "Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Maddigan's Quest follows a troupe of circus performers, known as Maddigan's Fantasia, as they traverse through shifting landscapes and isolated communities.

At the centre is 14-year-old Garland, reader, archer and tightrope walker. The Fantasia has made this trek many times, but this time they have a secret mission - to bring back the solar converter which powers their home city, Solis.

But as the Fantasia is attacked, two mysterious boys, Eden and Timon, appear with their baby sister Jewel.  Garland learns they are from the future, journeying back in time to help the Fantasia. They bring magical powers and a Talisman that must be protected at all costs. But they also bring danger."

Rose McIver as Garland; Michael Hurst as Maska

E.G. (N Z Herald's entertainment magazine) had a cover story on Maddigan's Quest on 8 February 2006; click here for story.

The 1st episode of Maddigan's Quest is available for viewing on-line.
Click here to access it on the Maddigan's Quest website )



Hori Ahipene
Tim Balme
Danielle Cormack
Peter Daube
Zac Fox
Rachel House
  Michael Hurst
Rose McIver
Jordan Metcalfe
Mark Nua
Rawiri Pene
Olivia Tennet

All photos below © South Pacific Pictures.  Check out the Maddigan's Quest website for more pictures, video excerpts, and other information about the characters and cast, the creation of the series, and the world of Maddigan's Quest.

Maddigan's Quest Awards

Maddigan's Quest
won four awards at the Air New Zealand Screen Awards 2007:
Best Children's Programme
Contribution to Design (Tracey Collins, Costume Designer)
Original Music (Victoria Kelly)
Contribution to Sound Design (Carl Smith, Rodney Larsen and Steve Finnegan)

Maddigan's Quest received a 2007 Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Dramatic Presentation--Long Form from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand. 

Maddigan's Quest received four awards from the New York Festivals:
2007 Silver WorldMedal in the category Youth Programs
2006 Bronze WorldMedal in the category Youth Programs
2006 Bronze WorldMedal in the category Best Art Direction
2006 Finalist Certificate in the category Best Direction


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Maddigan's Quest articles

NZ Herald (23 Feb 2006):  "As in many kids' movie . . . the adult actors steal the show, revelling in their larger-than-life characters.  Michael Hurst, in particular, is fantastically OTT as an evil 'cyborg with a human head'".

stuff.co.nz (13 Feb 2006) :  " . . . it's got me hooked.  I loved it.   . . .   It is alarmingly appealing, driven strongly by both narrative and character, beautifully filmed and deftly edited."

NZ Listener (11 Feb 2006) :  "This is your new Saturday night family event.  . . . this local epic, from the brain of Margaret Mahy, looks wicked."

E.G magazine (NZ Herald; 8 Feb 2006):  "'The story is about the truth of children's faith,' adds Hurst.  'All those things that we tend to lose when we become adults or get warped by politics or whatever. They're the best things to retain.'"

Time Out magazine (NZ Herald; 30 July 2005):  "Maddigan's Quest isn't just West Auckland's best kept secret till now, says producer Simon Bennett; it's the largest television production in New Zealand since American shows Xena and Hercules.  'The stunts, the size of the cast, the extraordinary requirements for makeup and wardrobe--it's a big deal,' he says."