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Christ Almighty!
There is no Silent Night.

By Natalie Medlock and Dan Musgrove
Produced by The Basement Theatre, directed by Cameron Rhodes and Colin Moy
Auckland, New Zealand, 2-19 December 2009

"Nat and Dan would like to thank Cameron Rhodes, Colin Moy, The Basement, Beth and Charlie, Kate Medlock.

And big ups to the following talents for helping to create the script!  Arthur Meek, Laurel Devenie, Michael Hurst, Fasitua Amosa, Matt Whelan, David Van Horn, Craig Hall, Madeleine Sami, Gareth Williams, Isla Adamson, Amanda Billing, Laurel Devenie, Byron Coll, Fern Sutherland, Curtis Vowell, Michelle Blundell, Barnie Duncan".

A total of f
orty actors played the eight characters, in rotation.


Alison Quigan   Anna Jullienne
Isla Adamson   Michelle Blundell
Sarah Thomson   Michael Hurst
Amanda Billing   Chelsie Preston-Crayford
Lisa Chappel   Sophie Henderson
Barney Duncan   Serena Cotton
Jeff Szusterman   Shane Bosher
Matt Whelan   Sara Wiseman
Oliver Driver   Robbie Magasiva
Cameron Rhodes   Beth Allen
Colin Moy   Charlie McDermott


Fern Sunderland   Madeleine Sami
Fleur Saville   Byron Coll
Wesley Dowdell   Morgana O'Reilly
Simon London   Danielle Cormack
Harry McNaughton   Natalie Medlock
Gareth Williams    
Craig Hall   Rachel Forman
Curtis Vowell   Keisha Castle-Hughes
Jarod Rawiri   Angela Bloomfield
Paul MacDiarmid   Hannah Banks
Andrew Laing   Antonia Prebble
Jeremy Fern    

Michael as Angel Gabrielle

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Reviews for Christ Almighty!

NZ Herald:  "In a series of eight monologues the Nativity story is transformed into a kind of X-rated version of The Life of Brian, and, as in the Monty Python classic, the frivolity is peppered with some ironic reflections on religious experience.  . . . Michael Hurst brilliantly captured the brittle emotions of a wayward angel locked into a love-hate relationship with his Creator".

The Big Idea: "Christ Almighty! is an absolute hoot, I haven't laughed so much in ages . . . nonstop laughter of the opening night audience.  . . . could stand tall in any fringe theatre in the world".

Theatreview:  "Natalie Medlock and Dan Musgrove's masterpiece script captures the essence of human and heavenly nature, and manages to cast aspersions on the most preposterous story ever told.  . . . it's hilarious.  . . . I'll be back"