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The Threepenny Opera Photo Gallery

With thanks to Andrew Malmo for the pics.
All photos © Andrew Malmo, Strata Creative Limited.


Jenny Diver (Jennifer Ward-Lealand) opens the show singing The Ballad of Mack the Knife.


Jonathan Peachum (Peter Elliott) questions
Charles Filtch (Charlie McDermott).


Macheath (Roy Snow) keeps Weeping-Willow Walter (James
Winter) in line, while fellow gang member Matt of the Mint
(Keith Adams) and Mackie's new wife Polly (Amanda Billing) look on

The wedding meal:  Macheath, Matt, Crooked-Fingered Jake (Charlie
McDermott), Walter, Polly and Chainsaw Bob (Stephan Maxwell)

Jake, Matt, Walter, and Bob sing Wedding Song

Polly sings Pirate Jenny while Jake looks on.

Macheath and Tiger Brown (Cameron Rhodes) sing Cannon Song, 
watched by Reverend Kimball (Paul Barrett), Polly, Matt, and Jake

Polly and Mackie sing Love Song

Mrs. Peachum (Delia Hannah) and Mr. Peachum

The Peachum's, Polly, Jonathan, and Celia, sing First Threepenny Finale

Jenny sings Tango Ballad

Jenny and Macheath tango, watched by Mackie's whores.

Lucy Brown (Esther Stephens)


Lucy and Polly attack each other after singing
The Jealousy Duet;
Jake and Walter pull them apart.

Mackie and Lucy

Mr. Peachum with Tiger Brown (Cameron Rhodes)

Jenny betrays Mackie again.


Mr. Peachum sings Useless Songwhile his beggars dance around him

Peachum threatens a disruption of the coronation with syphilitics.

Nadine (Waimihi Hotere), Jenny, and
Vixen (Elizabeth Tierney) sing Solomon Song.

Polly and Lucy try to learn Mackie's whereabouts from each other.

Surrounded by his women and his gang, Macheath is about to be hanged.

Police officer (Katie Scott) puts the noose around Mackie's
neck while Constable Smith (Paul Barrett) stands by.

The crowd searches high and low for
a messenger; will Macheath be saved?

A messenger (Cameron Rhodes) arrives!
The queen has pardoned Macheath!

Singing Third Threepenny Finale

Musical director Grant Winterburn

Members of the band





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