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Michael has directed eight episodes of Westside, four in season 2,
which aired in 2016, and four in season 3, airing in 2017.

Produced by South Pacific Pictures; airing on TV3

premiered on 31 May 2015. It stars Antonia Prebble as Rita West, David de Latour as Ted West,
Dan Musgrove as Lefty Munroe, Esther Stephens as Ngaire Munroe, Tod Emerson as Bjelke "Bilkie" van Heeder,
Pana Hema Taylor as Bert Thompson, Xavier Horan as Phineas O'Driscoll, Sophie Hambleton as Carol O'Driscoll

Antonia Prebble and David de Latour as Rita and Ted West

Westside is a prequel to Outrageous Fortune, set in the 1970's and 1980's.
Beginning in 1974, each of the 6 episodes of season 1 was set in a subsequent year. 
The 10 episodes of season 2 were set in 1981, and the 8 episodes of season 3 in 1982.


Behind-the-scenes:  Directing episode 2.04

2.03, written by Kate McDermott; premiered 26 June 2016
Ted goes after a wad of South African cash. A crime close to home
has the Wests joining forces with the police and neighbourhood watch.

Pana Hema Taylor as Bert, Todd Emerson as Bilkie, David de Latour as Ted, Sophie Hambleton as Carol,
Esther Stephens as Ngaire, Antonia Prebble as Rita, Xavier Horan as Phineas, Dan Musgrove as Lefty

2.04, written by James Griffin; premiered 3 July 2016
Rita's ambitious career path for Wolf hits some bumps. Ngaire has a dangerous
liaison, and Bert and Falani take on the Springboks alongside the protestors.

(with signs) Stelios Yiakmis as Dave, Kirsten Ibbetson as Riana

2.07, written by Michael Beran and James Griffin; premiered 24 July 2016
Ted and the boys go huntiing South Africans, while Rita has a mess to sort out with her growing business and an explosive affair.

Sophie Hambleton as Carol, Esther Stephens as Ngaire

2.8, written by Kate McDermott; premiered 31 July 2016
The wives financially support their men - which doesn't go down well, and the Springboks tour divides the gang and the country.

David DeLatour as Ted, Todd Emerson as Bilkey, Xavier Horan as Phineas


Michael directed 4 episodes - 3, 4, 7 & 8, filmed from late October 2016 through mid-February 2017.

3.3, written by James Griffin; premiered 24 July 2017
Wolf grows dissatisfied with his career, but it turns out that's the least of his
problems. A sexy blast from Rita's prison past arrives with dangerous intentions.

Reef Ireland as Wolf, Laura Hill as Belinda, Dean O'Gorman as Evan, Antonia Prebble as Rita

3.4, written by Kate McDermott; premiered 31 July 2017
Guilt over Evan is tearing Rita and Wolf apart. McCarthy feels compromised
by his lady's past.  A fateful meeting at the forbidden dairy leads to fireworks.

Reef Ireland as Wolf, Ashleigh Cummings as Cheryl

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