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An Unseasonable Fall of Snow

The Basement, Auckland, New Zealand
29 July-9 August 2014

Presented by Theatre of Love
Written by Gary Henderson; directed by Matt Baker

  Michael Hurst
  Ryan Richards
  Matt Baker
  James Wenley
Production Design
  Ben Anderson
Sound Design
  Ora Simpson

From the director's notes

What drew me to this play was Gary's ability to present both characters' prespectives with incredibly subtle yet affecting dialogue, and without passing judgment.  During rehearsals, both Mcihael and Ryan dove into the (occasionally devastating) text without hesitation, and for that I thank them. 

Acceptance and accountability are battles which many people fight.  They can be daily debates, or lifelong struggles.  Ultimately, the truth shall always set you free.  This production is for the mothers, the Blair Farrows, and anyone who has ever felt the snow.


Reviews of An Unseasonable Fall of Snow

NZ Herald: "The twist in Gary Henderson's short 1998 mystery is just the right level of difficult ... With slicked ash-blond hair, pin-stripe blue shirt and drawn demeanor, Michael Hurst as Arthur looks like an inspector in a Scandinavian detective novel ... Hurst keeps Arthur nicely close and guarded, while Richards' Liam is a nervous and flickering counterpoint"

Lumiere Reader:  "Hurst is stirring and enervating as Arthur, and the text really relies on him to keep the play moving along in the first half ... Hurst keeps it interesting ... a great play ... with two great performances"

Theatreview:  "an intriguing psychological study of the innermost private depths of the human condition ... It is not unseasoned with humour either, acerbic and cynical as it is ... Hurst maintains an impressive degree of truth in his portrayal of Arthur"

Keeping Up with New Zealand:  "Hurst's portrayal of Arthur is worthy of a classic crime drama ... we are introduced to ... big philosophical life questions ... An Unreasonable Fall of Snow is a fabulous unravelling of the personal psyche"