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The Tattooist

Feature film released in New Zealand on 30 April 2007.
Produced by Eyeworks Touchdown and MediaCorp Raintree Pictures.
Released on region 4 dvd in New Zealand February 2008 and in Australia in June 2008.
US region 1 dvd release date:  24 June 2008; UK region 2 release date: 29 September 2008.  


  Jason Behr
  Mia Blake
Mr. Va'a
  Dave Fane
  Robbie Magasiva
  Caroline Cheong
Mr. Perenese
  Nathaniel Lees
  Michael Hurst
  Peter Burger
  Matthew Grainger and Jonathan King
  Robin Scholes
Executive Producers
  Julie Christie, Daniel Yun, James Dean and Paul Davis
  New Zealand Film

Synopsis from the New Zealand Film Commission website

"American tattoo artist Jake Sawyer (Jason Behr) wanders the world, exploring and exploiting ethnic themes in his tattoo designs.  At a tattoo expo in Singapore, he gets his first glimpse at the exotic world of traditional Samoan tattoo (tatau), and, in a thoughtless act, unwittingly unleashes a powerful angry spirit.  In his devastating journey into Pacific mysticism, Jake must find a way to save his new love, Sina (Mia Blake) and recover his own soul."

Pics of Michael as Crash
(with Jason Behr as Jake)

Behind the Scenes:  Applying the Tattoos

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New Zealand Herald review:  " . . . Michael Hurst's brief turn as a Cockney-accented mentor to Sawyer is something to behold".