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Step Dave

Michael directed three episodes in season 1 in November 2013 - January 2014,
and two in season 2 in May/June 2015.

Step Dave was created by Kate McDermott, produced by South Pacific Pictures.
It aired in New Zealand on TVTwo.  It was filmed in New Zealand.

Step Dave
premiered on 11 February 2014.  It starred Sia Trokenheim as Cara, Jono Kenyon as Dave, Maya Wyatt, Lily Powell,
and George Beca as Cara's kids Scarlett, Jasmine, and Logan, Rawiri Jobe as Jono's friend Azza, Tania Nolan as Cara's
sister Julia, Aidee Walker as Cara's friend and business partner Jen, and Lisa Harrow as Cara's ex-mother in law Marion.

Bartender Dave is a 24 year old Kiwi slacker whose life is turned upside down when he meets the
woman of his dreams, Cara, 15 years his senior with three kids and some serious baggage in tow.

1.05, 'My Room', written by Rachel Laing; premiered 11 March 2014
Cara tries to fix a bromance break up while Dave incurs the wrath of Marion. Azza has serious girl trouble.

1.06, 'Knocked Up Natalie', written by James Griffin; premiered 18 March 2014
Cara meets Dave's mother, but not for the first time. Julia finds that her child-minding skills need work.

1.07, 'Promise and Deliver', written by Kate McDermott; premiered 25 March 2014
Dave and Cara face some facts about their generation gap. Jen
wants in on the cougar action, while Phillip has a big surprise for Julia.

2.12, 'Kids', written by Karen Curtis; premiered 17 November 2015
Cara and Dave face off with Eugene. Dave makes an amazing discovery.

2.13, 'Will You, Won't You', written by Kate McDermott; premiered 24 November 2014
Dave has a big surprise for Cara but she has an even bigger one for him. Julia has a wedding to derail.

Behind the scenes of season 2.

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