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Silo Theatre 2010 Season Launch

Silo Theatre launched its 2010 season on 11 November 2009 before a large group of media, critics, patrons and other supporters.  It was an evening of theatre and surprises.

The first surprise was when attendees were ushered to tables set *on the stage* of ASB Theatre.

The second was that Prime Minister John Key was in attendance, and that he would be "interviewing" Silo artistic associate Oliver Driver, in a reverse of their usual roles when Oliver, in his day job as a presenter on Sunrise, interviews the Prime Minister.

The third was that, beginning in 2013, Silo will "employ a collaborative company of resident actors, directors and designers . . . on a six month contract every year [to] create four bold works, showcasing energetic, disciplined and uncompromising performances. They'll be epic in scale, with no embargo on either ambition or artistic risk. Work commissioned specifically for the artists will exist alongside excavated classics".  [press release here]

The evening then progressed to the presentation of the new season, with Michael and Alison Bruce acting a scene from each of the six plays.  Jennifer stars in That Face in March/April, and Michael directs Happy Days in August/September 2010.


Prime Minister John Key "interviews" Oliver Driver (video here).
NZ Herald:  "Key . . . allowed himself to be delivered a gentle and humorous
lecture by Driver on the importance of arts to the economy" (story here).

  Michael and Alison Bruce presenting scenes from That Face . . .

. . . and Assasins.                     

(photos: Andrew Malmo, Strata Creative)

Jennifer stars in That Face, 9 March-10 April 2010.

Michael directs Samuel Beckett's Happy Days, starring Robin Malcolm, 20 August-18 September 2010.

New Zealand Herald:  "Jennifer Ward-Lealand plays a 'beautiful monster' addicted to booze, pills and her son, while Robyn Malcolm will be half-buried in a mound of existential dirt in the Silo's lineup for next year.  Silo artistic director Shane Bosher says his team want the theatre to move in a new direction over the next few years . . . "  Read the article here on Silo's new season and plans for the future.

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