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Shortland Street

Michael had a recurring role in 10 episodes
from 19 May - 5 June 2003 playing Greg Vicelich.

Created by Jason Daniel, Caterina De Nave and Bettina Hollings
Produced by Grundy Television Productions and South Pacific Pictures
It premiered on 25 May 1992 (New Zealand's longest-running tv show)
Filmed in New Zealand, airing on TV2.



Matt, Toni, Adam and Li Mei go to Marama Bay to help out at Dr. Greg Vecilich's clinic.  Matt finds an old friend there acting strangely, which triggers an investigation into poisoning on his farm.

Greg Vicelich
  Michael Hurst  
Adam Heywood
  Leighton Cardno
Nurse Matt McAllister
  Roy Snow  
Sandra Taylor
  Fiona Maule
Nurse Toni Thompson
  Laura Hill  
Calvin Taylor
  Jared Tobin
Li Mei Chen
  Li Ming Hu  
Noel Carter
  Timothy Lee

When Matt, Toni, Adam and Li Mie arrive in Marama Bay, Greg introduces them to Sandra who owns the Marama Bay Motel.

With local farmer Noel showing signs of poisoning, Matt and Toni meet with Greg to try
to find out what's going on in Marama Bay - and why Noel thinks Greg's up to no good.

Greg explains away Noel's attitude: "You mention change to those old guys, you're the devil incarnate".

Toni watches an argument unfold between Greg and Sandra, and learns that Greg is pressuring Sandra for money.

Greg tells Matt about his relationship with Sandra, how they became close after his wife died, and ended up having Calvin.

Greg admits he's been cooking the books - "but nothing illegal.  And only because I'll see this clinic close over my dead body".

Arriving home, Calvin announces "I got a goal!"  Greg: "Beat that, Beckham!"

Toni tells Greg they think that Noel has mercury poisoning.

Greg rushes in when he hears that Calvin is sick, and Toni tells him they think Calvin has mercury poisoning too.

Toni overhears Greg reproach Calvin for going to Noel's farm,
then Greg apologizes to Calvin as they ready him to go to hospital.

Mercury is found in the water tank where Calvin had filled his water bottle, and Matt finds
a jar of mercury salts in Greg's car. 
Matt confronts Greg: "I found this in the boot of your car"

Greg admits he tried to get Noel to sell his land by poisoning his cattle:  "I got a bit hammered one night. 
Thought I'd give the old bugger a fright. ... I'm not proud of it, Matt.  Things were spinning out of control". 
"You didn't have to have his land".   Greg: "I'd have on-sold it, and made a fortune.  It would have all
gone back into the clinic!"  Matt: "Oh, and the ends justify the means?"  Greg: "In hindsight, of course not!"

Greg goes to the cops, tells them everything.  But Calvin has disappeared - after
hearing an argument between Greg and Sandra.  They search the bush for him,

Huge relief when Calvin is found. Sandra: "Don't ever take off like that again, you hear me?"  Calvin: "You and dad were
fighting".  Greg: "Hey, that wasn't your fault, matey.  That was mine.  And I'm sorry.  Do you understand?"  Calvin: "Yeah".

Sandra:  "Come on, let's get you home.  Thanks guys".