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Schwarzkopf Professional Awards Gala
Aotea Centre, 6 May 2006

Michael Hurst and Jennifer Ward-Lealand hosted the Schwarzkopf Professional Awards Gala at Aotea Centre on 6 May 2006.  The rest of the creative team were long-time colleagues:  Choreography by Shona McCullogh, costumes by Elizabeth Whiting, and music by John Gibson.

For the opening performance piece, Michael and Jennifer entered from opposite sides of the stage followed by eight dancers in white.  Jennifer was wearing the frock Sophia Hawthorne had worn as the Duchess of Malfi, and Michael was wearing the suit Benjamin Farry wore as her brother Ferdinand (click here for pics from that production).

But something bizarre was happening:  As the event progressed, Michael kept getting taller, finally towering over everyone!  Check out the pics below.



Wearing the boots from his Riff Raff-as-alien costume from The Rocky Horror Show.

Wearing plasterer's stilts.

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