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Richard III

By William Shakespeare; directed by Anya Varezhkina
Artistic Supervisor: Michael Hurst
Presented by University of Auckland Summer Shakespeare
John Hood Plaza (behind Owen G. Glenn Bldg.)
Auckland, New Zealand, 5-20 March 2011


Richard III
  Luke Thornborough  
  Anya Varezhkina
Lord Buckingham
  Tama Boyle  
  Elliott Blade
Lady Anne/Ratcliffe
  Kaitlin McLeod  
Assistant Producer
  Oliver Rosser
Queen Elizabeth
  Ghazaleh Golbakhsh  
Video Director
  Adam King
Queen Margaret
  Romy Hooper  
Lighting Designer
  Brad Gledhill
King Edward IV/Mayor
  Tim Whale  
Technical Manager
  Sam Mence
  Alexander MacDonald  
Marketing Director
  Oliver Rosser
  Benjamin Murray  
Stage Manager
  Callum Rolland
  Phoebe Mason  
Costume Designer
  Galareh Golbakhsh
  Rowland Stirling  
Sound Engineer
  Rory Maguire
Duchess of Hastings
  Lucy Smith   Site Designer   John Verryt
Duchess of York   Sarah Milsom   Music by   Edward Gains
Young York   Natalie Braid   Artistic Supervisor   Michael Hurst
Tyrrel   Samuel Christopher        

Rehearsal on the stage

Director's Notes

It is difficult to be original these days, especially when it comes to Shakeapeare.  "It's all been done before" is the usual chant.  It is even more difficult to be original and not to go overboard, not to appear pretentious and patronising towards the audience.  When Elliott and I first started approaching people with the concept for the show in July 2010, the response we got was "You'll never pull this off!"  Such reactions only spurred us.  8 months later here we are, with a big screen, a projector, 4 cameras and a menacing Richard, ready to make a rock concert out of s Spakespeare's immortal text.

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Richard III

Theatreview:  "Hurst reappears with this University of Auckland Summer Shakespeare production as Artistic Supervisor; he is also a member of the trust that oversees these productions and his expert hand is all over it! . . . Thornborough owns the stage with a performance of subtlety and rare honesty . . . This is excellent theatre! . . . Director Anya Varezhkina, with the support of Artistic Supervisor and Shakespeare supremo Michael Hurst, has built a powerful and well-spoken drama that truly does the bard justice. This is sublimely good story-telling . . . both artistically and emotionally satisfying. "