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Power Rangers S.P.D.

Michael is voice cast as Silverhead in one episode

Produced by BVS Entertainment, Inc., BVS International N.V., Ranger Productions, Renaissance Atlantic Films, Toie Company
S.P.D. is the 13th season in the Power Rangers franchise.

In the near future, an elite police force of Power Rangers dedicated to
justice fight to save the Earth from an alien invasion led by Emperor Gruumm.

Michael voiced Silverhead, sent to Earth to battle against the B-Squad Power Rangers.

1.28, 'Robotpalooza' (premiered 29 August 2005)
Written by Bruce Kalish; directed John Laing

The Rangers nearly reach their breaking point when both Gruumm and Broodwing send robot after robot to attack the city. Meanwhile, Bridge can't seem to stay awake due to psychic dreams of a battle that hasn't happened yet..

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