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The Last Magic Show

Feature film released in New Zealand on 29 May 2008.
Produced by Best Fancy Magic Show Ever; distributed by Arkles Entertainment.

The Last Magic Show was awarded an Honorable Mention in competition at the 10th annual
Dances with Films, a Los Angeles festival for independent films.  This was its world premiere,
on 11 July 2007.  See the film's trailer, stills, synposis, etc. here, read the press release here
and see the Festival's website here.  The award is reported on the festival's blog here.

Ronny Roman
  Andy Conlan
Sarah March
  Georgie Hill
Celestine Richards
  Jade Collins
Trevor Norton
  Michael Hurst
Henry Peters
  Alexander Anderson
  Matthew Sunderland
  Lucy Wigmore
  Andy Conlan
  Andy Conlan
Executive Producer
  John Davies


Synopsis (from the dvd):

"The Last Magic Show is an award-winning modern day fairy tale told with a dreamlike flair.  Ronny Roman (Andy Conlan) is a stage illusionist whose career has been going downhill ever since he caught his choldhood sweetheart and assistant in the embrace of another magician.  Traumatized by the betrayal, he has retreated into a fantasy world in which he possesses dark, magical powers.

When his impossibly sleazy manager, Trevor (Michael Hurst), gives him one more chance at the big time, it comes with conditions.  Ronny must perform the dangerous escape that once nearly killed him--and find a beautiful new stage assistant to replace the one that broke his heart.

The journey back to greatness takes an unexpected detour when Ronny finds himself volunteering at a hospice, where he meets a dying elderly man names Henry (Alexander Anderson) and a young nurse, Sarah (Georgie Hill), who make him see himself--and his magic--in a whole new light. The excape he's planning to perform might not be the one he needs to make . . . "

Celestine (Jade Collins) and Trevor (Michael)

Ronny Roman (Andy Conlan) and Trevor




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From the director's DVD commentary:

"If you look at (Michael's) eyebrows and his sideburns, at the time, we had Michael for about, I think, three days . . . and he was actually in a tv show called Maddigan's Quest at the time, and he was playing an android.  And because he was playing an android, he had to shave his eyebrows and his sideburns, and obviously you can't grow them back in a few hours so we kind of had him like this.  I kind of think it worked very well, just gave him a much creepier edge than he would have had.  . . . I was jealous that he got to play this character, he's just so horrible".

"Michael's energy that he brought to every one of his scenes . . . whenever Michael's on screen, it just lifts the pace, it's like a little shot to the film".

"It was very hard to not lose it and just piss myself laughing, the way that Michael is doing the scene.  Especially when he, in the middle of the description, out of nowhere, he just pulls out this piece of licorice and just takes a bite. Takes a very strong person to not crumble.  . . . You don't get much more perfect than that . . . that's what we call a flawless delivery, is what Michael's giving us right now".