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Presented by I'd Like to Thank Productions at The Basement
Auckland, New Zealand, 20-31 May 2014 (world premiere)

Written by Aroha Awarau; directed by Katie Wolfe
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Elsa Lanchester
  Jennifer Ward-Lealand  
  Katie Banks
Carolyn Jones
  Hannah Banks  
Set Design
  John Verryt
Hope Lange
  Lauren Gibson  
Costume Design
  Rose Jackson
Diane Varsi
  Alex Jordan  
Lighting Design
  Rachel Marlow
Miyoshi Umeki
  Tokomo Taouma  
Sound Design
  Andrew McMillan
Aaron Spelling
  Bede Skinner  
Musical Director
  Paul Barrett
        Fight Choreography   Michael Hurst

Alex Jordan, Lauren Gibson, Bede Skinner, Hannah Banks, Jennifer, Tokomo Taouma


Luncheon Reviews

NZ Herald:  "the witty dialogue is delivered with panache ... Jennifer Ward-Lealand establishes an imperious presence as a theatrical veteran alternating between maternal advice and put-downs of her younger colleagues".

Lumiere Reader:  "The main drawcard is Jennifer Ward-Lealand's Elsa Lanchester, and she doesn't disappoint.  She delivers barbs with precision, is refreshingly loose and fun in a way I haven't seen in some time, and yet still manages to give her monologues a gravity".

Theatre Scenes:  "a bubbly comedy that has attracted some top-shelf talent ... Ward-Lealand's performance is gong-worthy".

Keeping Up with New Zealand:  "a grand success on opening night ... cast were all great with stand-out performances from Jennifer Ward-Lealand ... Luncheon is also very funny ... go and see this charming production".

Theatreview:  "the cast roundly deliver strong portrayals of their roles ... made all the more gripping by the engaging and diverse performances ... behind-the-scenes exploration of an exciting and pivotal time in Hollywood history"