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Presented by Silo Theatre
Auckland, New Zealand, 23 October-21 November 2009 at the Herald Theatre
written by Joe Orton; directed by Michael Hurst



McLeavy   David McPhail
Fay McMahon
  Mia Blake
  David Van Horn
  Charlie McDermott
Inspector Truscott
  Cameron Rhodes
  Sam Snedden
Direction   Michael Hurst
Set Design
  Rachael Walker
Costume Design
  Sophie Ham
Lighting Design
  Jeremy Fern
Photos, below, © Andrew Malmo, Strata Creative

David McPhail as McLeavy, Mia Blake as Fay

David Van Horn as Hal, Charlie McDermott as Dennis



Mia Blake as Fay, Charlie McDermott as
Dennis, Cameron Rhodes as Inspector Truscott



Cameron Rhodes as Inspector Truscott, Sam Snedden
as Meadows, David McPhail
as McLeavy


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Reviews of Life is a Dream

New Zealand Herald:  "Michael Hurst has assembled a superb cast who rise to that challenge in a flamboyant display of theatricality."

Coup de Main:  "Loot . . . presents everything that was good about the saucy, un-politically correct days gone past.  And the results are definitely sometimes shocking, sometimes perplexing, but at all times belly-slappingly funny".

Listener: "the actors . . . relish the opportunity for extravagantly absurd characterisation. . . . wickedly funny and appealing".