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Legend of the Seeker

Episode 1.13: 'Revenant'
Written by Erin Maher and Kay Reindl;
directed by Geoffrey Cawthorn
Premiered 28 February 2009; Michael guest stars as Amfortas.

Created by Stephen Tolkin and Kenneth Biller
Based on the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind
Produced by ABC Studios, Buckaroo Entertainment, Ghost House Pictures
Aired in first-run syndication in the US, on Prime in NZ
Filmed in New Zealand.



Richard, Kahlan and Zeddicus travel to an ancient Seeker's crypt to hide
one of the Boxes of Orden, only to find that the past is not quite at rest there.

Richard Cypher
  Craig Horner  
  Michael Hurst
Kahlan Amnell
  Bridget Regan  
  Matthew Walker
Zeddicus Z'ul Zorander
  Bruce Spence  
  Mia Pistorius
  Nathaniel Lees  
  Matt Gillander

Richard is reading the story of the deaths of the ancient seeker Kieran and his confessor Vivian: 
"Their deaths were witnessed only by the great wizard Amfortas.  He picked up the sword, knowing he
must keep it hidden until the rise of a new seeker who might also be asked to die for a glorious cause".

While attempting to hide the Box of Orden in Kieran's coffin to keep it safe, Richard is overtaken by Kieran's
spirit, who tells of his meeting long ago with Amfortas who tried to convince him that his relationship with Vivian
would interfere with his quest:  "Vivian has become a distraction. And it's putting your quest in jeopardy".

Kieran swears that he'll remain true to his quest, but "You must swear you won't send her away".  Amfortas, reluctantly: "I swear".

But once Vivian has confessed Kieran, Amfortas confronts her:  "There is only one way
to release a confessed man.  The seeker cannot fulfill his destiny as long as you are alive".

Kieran finds Vivian dying from the poison Amfortas has given her.  He confronts Amfortas.

"You have betrayed me, Amfortas.  I will never stop loving Vivian.  Or hating you!"

Vivian's death does not break their bond. Kieran's rage grows, it overtakes him, it drives him mad. 
"These people
weren't soldiers. You have betrayed innocents ... You have betrayed your quest.  You have tarnished the name of seeker!"

"And you took everything from me!  Vivian and I won't be kept apart.  Even if you kill me you won't stop me". 

"I must.  I will! AHHHHHHH!!!"  Kieran is beheaded.

Their bodies possessed by the spirits of Kieran and Vivian, Richard and Kahlan are about to make love when Zed
interrupts and convinces them to return to the afterlife together, leaving Richard and Kahlan to their own fates.