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Jack and the Beanstalk



Isn't She Lovely?

Michael as Mrs. Sidebottom


"And this is where we'll make the magic . . . "
Rehearsal at the St. James Theatre

(Michael, Anna Hewlett, Morgan Reese-Fairhead, Grant Bridger)

A trio of players

(right to left) Michael with Bruce Hopkins as
Squire Smelly and
composer/musician Jason Smith

Behind you! The giant's boot!

Michael with Anna Hewlett (Jack)




A Gathering of Talent

(back) Anna Hewlett (Jack), Morgan Reese-Fairhead (Jill), Irene Malone (The Flatulon Leader), Bruce Hopkins
(Squire Smelly), (front) Jonathon Brugh (Lesley the Alien/Adam the Ant), Grant Bridger (P.C. Poultice/Daisy the Cow)

(with thanks to Bruce Hopkins and Grant Bridger for the great pics!)

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