Hamlet: Ray Trickitt plays Claudius

Ray Trickitt is an English actor who has recently settled in New Zealand, after visiting the South Island on holiday.

He has earlier memories of a New Zealand connection from his childhood in the 1960's, when his aunt came here working for the Red Cross and brought him toys and storybooks with Maori themes.

He grew up in London, was involved in drama at school, and then attended art school. After graduation while working for a printing company, he answered a Stage magazine advert and became an actor in theatre. Part-time dance classes led to the three-year full time Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts.

He performed in repertory theatre while at drama school and his first job on graduation was Eastenders. He has had guest roles in numerous successful British television dramas, including The Bill, The Darling Buds of May, May to December, Birds of a Feather, Ruth Rendell Mysteries, Casualty and the US mini-series Messiah.

He played Menelaus in Iphigenia at the Southwick Playhouse and devised a one-man show based on Shakespeare's The Tempest. He had a leading role in a popular British TV commercial for Nissan, which spoofs The Professionals and The Sweeney.

Since arriving in New Zealand about a year ago, he has had roles in The Lord of the Rings, Murder in Greenwich and Mercy Peak. He played Martin aka Fingers in The New Man at the Silo Theatre and will soon be on air as the arch villain in TV2's Street Legal.

Michael Hurst plays Hamlet Anna Hewlett plays Ophelia Elizabeth Hawthorne plays Gertrude

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