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Generation of Z
An Immersive Theatrical Event

Cass Street Recycling Centre, Christchurch (as Zombie: Red Zone)
25 April-17 May 2014

Assembly George Square Gardens, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Edinburgh, Scotland; 31 July-25 August 2014

Whitechapel, London, England (as Generation of Z: Apocalypse)
4 April-18 July 2015

Created by Charlie McDermott, David Van Horn, Simon London, Ben Farry
Presented by Royale Productions; Directed by Michael Hurst


The deadly Z virus has devastated the country, transforming everyday people into merciless killers.

Societal structure has collapsed, and humanity is now faced with a desperate battle for survival.  Martial law has been imposed and is administered by a Governmental and Corporate Institution - The Armed Resue Coalition (A.R.C.)  However control was not so easily regained.  Reports of questionable tactics and harsh laws put in place by the A.R.C. have led to the emergence of a rebellion movement known as the SCAVS.

Factions of the SCAVS have taken up arms against the A.R.C., determined to expose the truth of the A.R.C.'s misconduct and its direct involvement in the origins of the virus.  In this apocalyptic 'perfect storm,' a ragtag squad of A.R.C. mercenaries and an audience of survivors are brought together by a chain of events that will thrust them directly into the dark heart of the zombie holocaust.

  David Van Horn  
  Charlie McDermott, David Van Horn
  Simon London  
  Simon London, Ben Farry
  Ben Farry  
  Michael Hurst
  Bree Peters  
  Charlie McDermott, Beth Allen


  Matthew Sunderland  
Associate Producer
  Oliver Rosser
  Arlo Gibson  
AV Designer
  Raj Singh
Production Designer
  Daniel Williams
  Oliver Rosser
Prosthetics Artist
  Shay Lawrence
  Anne Kulonen

Behind-the-scenes of Zombie: Red Zone

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Behind the Scenes in London

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Reviews of Zombie: Red Zone/Generation of Z

The Scotsman:  "an adrenaline-churning assault of a show ... a show which mesmerisingly acts upon our pack mentality and a generation's shared understanding of the genre ... a deservedly big hit".

The List:  "The Generation of Z is a massive success ... you're immediately immersed in events as they occur ... enjoy G of Z for the jumps, the scares, and the elated sense of community spirit you'll feel when (if) you finally escape".

Broadway Baby:  "a slick and impressive production which has taken interactive theatre to a whole new level ... high production values, staggeringly detailed set and convincing performances from the stellar cast ... absolutely breathtaking theatrical masterpiece - deeply unsettling, heart-thumpingly thrilling and utterly terrifying".

Broadway World:  "fantastic immersive and interactive show ... a full sensory experience ... If you can handle it, The Generation of Z will give you an absolutely unforgettable Fringe experience".

Scare Tour:  "nothing could have prepared the audience for the unique style of story telling and visceral performance of GOZ ... left us genuinely cheering one moment then open jawed in shock the next ... fast, funny, clever and at times genuinely terrifying. The whole show exceeded expectations"

Theatreview:  "Zombie: Red Zone is a wonderful piece of world building ... The performances, too, are committed and compelling ... bloody good fun, and I was thrilled to be able to go twice.".