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Club Mystique

Fundraiser for New Zealand Dance Company
Q Theatre - Loft, Auckland, New Zealand, 1 December 2016
Created by Shona McCullagh and Michael Hurst; directed by Michael Hurst

Our MC for the night, Master of Mystique
  Mr. Michael Hurst
Queen of the Cryptic, the Mother of Mysteries
  Ms. Lynda Topp
Superlatively Sensual Songstress, the Veiled Vessel of Venus
  Ms. Amanda Billing
Euphonic Enchantress of Alluring Loveliness
  Ms. Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Sterling Retainer of Meritorious Constancy
  Mr. Bruce Hopkin
The Shimmying Sheik who Shoots a Shaft from a Sphinx's Head
  Mr. Arlo Gibson
The Peerless Prodigies of Physical Phenomena, L'Etoile of The New Zealand Dance Company
Carl Tolentino
  Chrissy Kokiri
Chris Ofanoa
  Katie Rudd
Lucy Lynch
  Xin Ji
Created by the super stellar creative team
  Shona McCullagh and Michael Hurst
Music by
  John Gibson and the Circling Sun Band, Finn Scholes,
  Alistair Deverick, Callum Passells, Rui Inaba

Michael opens the show singing The Sheik of Araby

He's interrupted by Bruce Hopkins and Arlo Gibson

Michael tells the story of a man who suffers the loss of his soul (sole?).

"Madame Sosostris" sings Egypt
(Michael, Amanda Billing, Shona McCullagh, Bruce Hopkins, Arlo Gibson)

Bruce Hopkins (as Anthony), Michael (as Octavius), in The Tale of Anthony and Cleopatra

Cleopatra (Amanda Billing) attempts to seduce Octavius

Cleopatra is bitten by the asp ...

... but somehow still manages to Walk Like an Egyptian!

A quartet demonstrates their precision choreography while singing The Fox has Left his Lair.
(Michael, Bruce Hopkins, Carl Tolentino, Chris Ofanoa)

Oops, not everybody's quite got the "precision" part.

And that's what happens when you get out of step!

"It gives me enormous pleasure to present to you one of the most talented,
tallest, and most exquisite entertainers this country has ever known"

"Tonight, with my esteemed colleagues, I give you - Temptation".

(Jennifer Ward-Lealand)

Accompanied by bulb horn and whistles!
(Arlo Gibson, Jennifer, Lynda Topp, Michael)

The entertainment comes to a close with the Mambo Finale!

Behind the Scenes

Make-up time

Arlo Gibson, Lynda Topp, Jennifer, Michael, Carl Tolentino, Bruce Hopkins

Carl Tolentino, Chrissy Kokiri, Bruce Hopkins, Amanda Billing, Arlo Gibson, Michael, Lucy Lynch