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The Jews Brothers' Bloomsday

Michael played Stephen Dedalus at this Bloomsday playreading.
The Thirsty Dog, Auckland, New Zealand, 16 June 2014

From the Jews Brothers Band website:  "'Bloomsday' is a sort of literary St Patrick's Day, a commemoration of the fictional day in
1904 in which James Joyce's comic masterpiece 'Ulysses' unfolds. On that long, lingering, legendary day Leopold Bloom, wandering
Jew and melancholic hero of the novel, sets about his droll odyssey around Dublin.  All around the world there are Bloomsday
celebrations and in Auckland for the past decade Bloomsday cabaret has unleashed itself in the red-light district of Karangahape Rd".


Jean McAllister, Linn Lorkin, and Yuko Takahashi open the evening with music.

Michael plays Stephen Dedalus.
Dedalus likes his drink . . .  

A bit of song and dance.

Brian Keegan narrates the story.

Lucy Lawless serves beers during interval.

Michael and Lucy chat during interval
(photo bombed by playwright Dean Parker).

Bruce Hopkins portrays transvestite dominatrix Bella Cohen.

Lucy reads Molly Bloom's soliloquy.

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