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The James Joyce Centre in Dublin arranged for Joyce's Ulysses to be read in its entirety from 25 cities
around the world on Bloomsday, 16 June 2013.  It began in Auckland (the first city to see the sun) with
Michael the first reader, followed by Professor Michael Neill, reading from Auckland Center City Library.  

Once they finished, the reading was picked up consecutively in Melboourne, Sydney, and Canberra (Australia); Tokyo
(Japan); Beijing and Shanghai (China); Singapore; Moscow (Russia); Pula (Croatia); Trieste (Italy); Bangor (Wales); Dublin
(Ireland); Edinburgh (Scotland); Derry (NorthernIreland); Cork (Ireland); London (England); New York (USA); Montreal,
Ottawa, and Toronto (Canada); New York, San Francisco, and Chicago (USA); Sao Paolo (Brazil); and Boston (USA).


The videos were live-streamed on Global Bloomsday Gathering website, where they can now be viewed.
Michael, followed by Michael Neill, reading the first chapter of Ulysses.

Michael and Michael Neill with Laura Caygill (left) and Karen Craig
who made the arrangements for the readings from Auckland City Libraries.

Michael rehearsing (above), before he, and then Michael Neill, did the official reading (below).

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