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Big Night In

From 7 p.m. Saturday 8 August 2009, TV3 presented the 23-hour telethon Big Night In
to raise funds for KidsCan.  Michael and Jennifer were on it Sunday morning during the
Sticky TV segment.  Their oldest son Jack was there with his band, Hobo. 

Almost $2 million was raised during the telethon.

Hobo members Jack and Lazlo with Sticky TV host Kanoa


Jack introduces Hobo's original song, Before the Rain

Michael is introduced by Sticky TV host Sam
as he prepares to take part in a Big Dare.

The Pavlova Dive requires stylish
headgear--these lovely yellow goggles.

Everybody get ready to pav!

To win you have to fish out the most
pickled onions--but none of the kiwifruit.

Of course you can't use your hands!

Time's up!

Michael has 2 pickled onions--but also some kiwifruit.

Which gives him "minus 50 points"--he loses!

Jennifer is introduced by Sticky TV host Sam Wallace

Here they are in unhappier times--in 1997, Jennifer
played Sam's sadistic mother in the film The Ugly.

She reacts to the news that
Michael found only two onions!

Jennifer gets ready to ask the questions
for the Jandeel of Fortune.

If the kids have the right answers . . .

they can win neat prizes!

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