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Michael reunited with former Hercules co-star Kevin Sorbo in episode 2.20 of Sorbo's tv show, Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.  The episode, entitled "Knight, Death, and the Devil," first aired 29 April 2002.

Michael played the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of a High Guard ship, the Clarion's Call.  Held for hundreds of years in Tartarus, the Niezchian P.O.W. camp for High Guard ships, Ryan escaped with the help of the other ships but found there was no help to be found on the outside.   Sorbo's character, Captain Dylan Hunt, found the Clarion's Call serving as a casino ship and took Ryan back to the Andromeda where a plan was hatched to rescue the captive ships from Tartarus.  It soon becomes apparent that Ryan has been less then truthful about how he escaped from Tartarus, but he redeems himself when the AI of the Wrath of Achilles is destroyed by the Niezchians, and Captain Hunt appoints him captain of that ship.

Michael received a 2003 Cult TV Festival Award for Best Guest Appearance for his role in this episode; click here for pictures of Michael with the award, and other pictures from the Festival.

Ryan:  "Hi! Welcome to the Clarion's Call.  Get it all here, sir. We've got games, spa, flesh rooms, and don't forget our new Iolausian buffet!"
Ryan:  "I stayed there for a hundred years.  Wandering.  With only one thought--to round up a cavalry, go back, and rescue my friends.  The friends I'd left behind".

Dylan:  "He called you a traitor. I wanna know why".
Ryan:  "Because I am".

Ryan:  "So, what is your plan?"
Dylan:  "I wanna link every ship's control system to the Maru's, and then we'll lead them to slipstream".

Ryan:  "All the ships report full readiness".

Achilles:  "Ryan's freedom was paid for by the ships in this camp.  The Niezchians destroyed two supply ships in retaliation for his escape . . .  There has to be a sanction".

Ryan:  "Erasure.  I know".

Ryan:  "Sir, we can't get the fleet in formation to depart in three hours".
Dylan:  "But we can set one hell of an ambush".

Ryan:  "You intend to fight".
Dylan:  "I intend to win".

Ryan:  "Achilles!  He's . . . "
Achilles:  "Just an avatar, you know that.  We can always build another".


Achilles:  "Thank you, Ryan. But I fear we may be too late"

Ryan:  "You'll send the Achilles into the sun, won't you?" 
Dylan:  "It's true, I will destroy the ship before I'll hand it to the Niezchians ".

Mila:  "Because of the traitor you brought with you, Achilles is going to die".

Dylan:  "Achilles, without you, I don't know if I can keep the fleet together".
Achilles:  "They'll do the right thing  . . .  Let them know that your new Commonwealth will be a place where they'll have choices, and you'll see their faith . . . Time to depart the field ".

Dylan:  "Ryan!  Ryan, what the hell have you done?"
Ryan:  "What you asked.  I'm being the soldier you and Achilles expected me to be".

Ryan:  "They're talking about joining you, sir".
Dylan:  "How many?"
Ryan:  "All of them, sir".

Ryan:  "Sir, she's charging directly at the ships, drawing them off.  Sir, she . . . "
Dylan:  "I know, Ryan, I know".

Ryan:  "I am missing one thing: A captain, sir". 
Dylan:  "Actually, I've got an ideal candidate in mind. I'm looking at him".

Ryan:  "Sir, I'm an AI. We were built to obey orders, not to give them".

" . . . sooner or later, we all outgrow what we were built to do.  Congratulations, captain".

Ryan:  "The Clarioin's Call is just a beat-up old casino drift . . ." 
Dylan:  "The Wrath of Achilles?"

Ryan:  "It's what it's always been--what I was meant to be--an officer of the High Guard. And a soldier"

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Images and dialogue are from Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda and are copyright 2002, Tribune Entertainment Co.