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The Almighty Johnsons

Michael directed two episodes in season 3, in February - April 2013.

Created by James Griffin and Rachel Lang, produced by South Pacific Pictures.
It aired on TV3 in NZ, Network Ten in Australia, SyFy in the US and UK, and on Space in Canada. 
Filmed in New Zealand.

The four Johnson brothers -- Mike, Anders, Ty and Axl -- have inherited the powers of the Norse gods. Because the gods lived eons
ago, however, time has diluted their powers. The unique ability that each brother possesses isn't very strong, and they still have the
same desires and faults that mortals do. Their lives include sibling rivalry, trying to get girls, and hanging out; but they also want
to be stronger, and so they embark on a quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy in hope of gaining the full strength of their abilities.

The Almighty Johnsons premiered on 11 July 2014.  It starred Emmett Skilton as Axl Johnson (Odin), Tim Balme as Mike Johnson (Ullr),
Dean O'Gorman as Anders Johnson (Bragi), Jared Turner as Ty Johnson (Hoor), Ben Barrington as Olaf Johnson (Baldr), Hayden
Frost as Zeb, Fern Sutherland as Dawn, Rachel Nash as Ingrid (Snotra), Eve Gordon as Stacy (Fulla), Michelle Langstone as Michele
Brock (Sjofn), Keisha Castle-Hughes as Gaia (Iounn), Alison Bruce as Agnetha (Freyja), and Shane Cortese as Colin Gunderson (Loki).

3.07, 'Typical Auckland God,' written by James Griffin; premiered 15 August 2013

A stag do with two stags leads Axl down the path to wisdom, while Ty finds that something that is forgotten isn't necessarily gone.

3.08, 'The Asparagus is Kicking In,' written by Tim Balme; premiered 22 August 2013

Why is Grandpa naked on the beach; does Anders have a conscience; what will it take for Mike to go to war.

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