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Jack of All Trades
Episode 2.2: 'Shark Bait'
Written by David Ransil;
directed by Eric Gruendemann

Michael guest stars as Captain Nardo da Vinci.



Jack and Emilia enlist Blackbeard's help in thwarting a murder plot hatched by the psychotic
descendant of Leonardo Da Vinci, who plans to sink a ship containing America's Founding Fathers.

Jack Stiles
  Bruce Campbell  
  Marek Sumich
Mrs. Emilia Smythe Rothschild
  Angela Dotchin  
Thomas Jefferson
  Charles Pierard
Captain Nardo da Vinci
  Michael Hurst  
George Washington
  Alistair Browning
Governor Croque
  Stuart Devenie  
Jefferson Jr.
  Patrick Morrison
Captain Brogard
  Stephen Papps  
Washington Jr.
  Nicco Vella
  Hori Ahipene  
Captain Standish
  Bruce Hopkins
  Mark Williams  

While investigating the sinking of a ship, Jack and Emilia get themselves trapped in the submarine
of Captain Nardo da Vinci.  When Nardo discovers they're aboard, he gives the order:  "Kill them".

But Emilia gets him talking:
"Soon the world will realize that I am the only da Vinci
who really counts!  Let me show you something.  This is my greatest invention".

"This is a self-propelled underwater explosive.  And tomorrow the world will feel its bite!"

"Tomorrow's the annual founding father/son cruise, it's going through the East Indies this year.
  Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, and the heads of all five families are gonna be on that ship!"

"Yes.  And boy are they going to feel the rockets red glare!  And then, not too shortly
afterwards, the whole world will be laid open to me to conquer nation by nation! ... Mama, mama ... " 
He emerges from his reverie:  "Where was I?  Oh.  Kill them".

But they escape (thanks to Blackbeard's fire breath!) and take to Emilia's hot air
balloon for a good vantage point.  "Captain Nardo! There's a balloon directly above us!"

"Excellent. That saves me the trouble of having to find them.  Eh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh". 
Not so excellent - they use Nardo's own rocket against his sub and prevent him from attacking. 
The founding fathers are saved!

Emilia has some respect for Nardo: "You know, Nardo was really quite brilliant.  Too bad he was a
psychopath.  I wonder what drove him".  "Oh, come on.  That's a no-brainer. ... The guy spends his whole life
building torpedoes and rockets and submarines.  Obviously he's got his own little missile crisis".

Nardo's sub has somehow survived.  And with Blackbeard aboard!
"What are you doing, you farty-bottomed pirate?!?"