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800 Words

Michael has directed ten episodes of 800 Words, six in season 2,
which aired in 2016 and 2017, and four in season 3, which are yet to air.

800 Words was created by James Griffin and Maxine Fleming, produced
by South Pacific Pictures (New Zealand) and Seven Productions (Australia).
It airs in New Zealand on TVOne and on Seven Network in Australia.
It is also available in the USA and Canada via streaming service Acorn TV.
It is filmed in New Zealand

800 Words
premiered in Australia on 15 September 2015, and in New Zealand on 5 November 2015.
It stars Erik Thomson as George Turner, with Melina Vidler and Benson Jack Anthony as his teenage children Shay and Arlo.

The 8-episode first season showed George moving his family from Australia back to Weld, New Zealand
following the death of his wife.  Not much goes to plan, the adjustments are big, and the kids aren't happy.


Behind-the-scenes:  Directing episode 2.14

2.03, written by Maxine Fleming; premiered 6 September 2016
George lands a scoop on the first day of his new job at the newspaper, but why is
he under orders not to write about an eight year old mystery that's gripping Weld?

2.04, written by Kate McDermott; premiered 13 September 2016
George's house is bursting with teenagers and he gets another chance to
buy his dream house in Weld after all. But is it serendipity or just a bad idea?

2.09, written by Kate McDermott; premiered 31 January 2017
George and Fiona's dalliance is headline news in Weld, while Robbie goes
on the offensive to save Fiona, all culminating with a rumble in the main street.

2.10, written by Michael Beran and James Griffin; premiered 7 February 2017
George and Fiona put the heat on their new relationship with a dinner party.  However, if
they're to survive as a couple, there are many dramas to overcome both in and out of the kitchen.

2.13, written by James Griffin; premiered 28 February 2017
Jan's pregnancy sparks a crisis between George and Fiona. Katie unwillingly
gets Shay involved in an art scam. Arlo struggles with a long distance relationship.

2.14, written by Sarah-Kate Lynch; premiered 7 March 2017
George struggles against the Terry-mania sweeping Weld.  The town prepares to open its first
fine dining restaurant, but not everyone's invited. Shay's art adventure has a public hanging.


3.3, written by James Griffin; premiered 26 September 2017
Shay goes to the dark side after suffering from a broken heart, and Katie resurrects a teaching career.

3.4, written by Sarah-Kate Lynch, James Griffin; premiered 3 October 2017
George gets an unlikely message from beyond the grave.  Hannah tries to convince Tom she'd be a top cop.

Michael also directed episodes 3.11 & 3.12, which have not yet aired.

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