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Twelfth Night
Photo Gallery

The photos below were taken by John McDermott
and David Eversfield.  David was also the lighting designer for Twelfth Night;


Orsino (Andrew Laing), Valentine (Brian Rankin), Curio (Ben Kissel), Fabian (Jason Smith); photo, David Eversfield




Orsino: "O, when mine eyes did see Olivia first,
Methought she purged the air of pestilence;
That instant was I turned into a hart,
And my desires, like fell and cruel hounds,
E'er since pursue me.  How now!  What news from her?"


Viola:  "Know'st thou this country?"

Captain:  "Ay, madam, well; for I was bred and born
Not three hours' travel from this very place."

Viola:  "Who governs here?"

Captain:  "A noble duke, in nature as in name."

Viola:  "What is his name?"

Captain:  "Orsino."



sailor, sea captain (Charlie McDermott), Viola (Tandi Wright)
; photo, David Eversfield


Rachael (Esther Stephens), Olivia (Jennifer Ward-Lealand), Malvolio (Paul Barrett), Maria (Jacques Drew), Feste (Oliver Driver)
; photo, David Eversfield



Olivia:  "What think you of this fool, Malvolio?  Doth he not mend?"

Malvolio:  "Yes; and shall do till the pangs of death shake him; infirmity, that decays the wise, doth ever make the better fool."

Feste:  "God send you, sir, a speedy infirmity, for the better increasing your folly!  Sir Toby will be sworn that I am no fox, but he will not pass his word for two pence that you are no fool."

Sir Toby:  "How now, sot!

Feste:  "Good Sir Toby!"

Olivia:  "Cousin, cousin, how have you come so early by this lethargy?"

Sir Toby:  "Lechery?  I defy lechery!"



Olivia (Jennifer Ward-Lealand), Sir Toby Belch (George Henare), Feste (Oliver Driver)
; photo, John McDermott


Esther (Rachael Blampied), Olivia (Jennifer Ward-Lealand), Rachael (Esther Stephens), Cesario (Tandi Wright), Maria (Jacques Drew); photo, David Eversfield



Maria:  "Will you hoist sail, sir? here lies your way."


Olivia:  "'What is your parentage?'
'Above my fortunes, yet my state is well;
I am a gentleman.'  I'll be sworn thou art;
Thy tongue, thy face, thy limbs, actions, and spirit,
Do give thee five-fold blazon.  Not too fast; soft! soft!--
Unless the master were the man.  Now now!
Even so quickly may one catch the plague?
Methinks I feel this youth's perfections,
With an invisible and subtle stealth
To creep in at mine eyes. Well, let it be."



[foreground] Olivia (Jennifer Ward-Lealand); [background] Malvolio (Paul Barrett)
; photo, John McDermott


Sebastian (Paolo Rotondo), Antonio (Charlie McDermott)
; photo, David Eversfield



Antonio:  "Will you stay no longer, nor will you not that I go with you?"

Sebastian:  "By your patience, no.  My stars shine darkly over me; the malignancy of my fate might, perhaps, distemper yours; therefore I shall crave of you your leave that I may bear my evils alone.  It were a bad recompense for your love, to lay any of them on you."


Feste (singing):
'O mistress mine! where are you roaming?
O stay and hear! your true love's coming,
That can sing both high and low.
Trip no further, pretty sweeting;
Journeys end in lovers meeting,
Every wise man's son doth know.



Feste (Oliver Driver), [left front] Sir Toby Belch (George Henare), Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Peter McCauley)
; photo, David Eversfield


Cesario (Tandi Wright), Orsino (Andrew Laing)
; photo, David Eversfield



Viola (as Cesario):  "But if she cannot love you, sir?"

Orsino:  "I cannot be so answered."

Viola:  "Sooth, but you must.
Say that some lady, as perhaps there is,
Hath for your love as great a pang of heart
As you have for Olivia; you cannot love her;
You tell her so; must she not then be answered?"

Olivia:  "Let the garden door be shut, and leave me to my hearing."  
Cesario (Tandi Wright), Sir Toby Belch (George Henare), Olivia (Jennifer Ward-Lealand), [background] Rachael (Esther Stephens); photo, John McDermott



Maria (Jacques Drew); photo, John McDermott

Maria:  "He's in yellow!"


Maria (Jacques Drew), Feste (Oliver Driver), Olivia (Jennifer Ward-Lealand), Malvolio (Paul Barrett); photo, John McDermott

Olivia:  "Smilest thou?  I sent for thee upon a sad occasion."

Malvolio: "Sad, lady!  I could be sad; this does some obstruction in the blood, this cross-gartering; but what of that?  If it please the eye of one, it is with me as the very true sonnet is, 'Please one, and please all'".

Malvolio (Paul Barrett), Sir Toby Belch (George Henare), Maria (Jacques Drew), Fabian (Jason Smith); photo, John McDermott
Sir Toby:  "Prithee, hold thy peace; this is not the way; do you not see you move him?  Let me alone with him."

Sir Toby:  "If this were played upon a stage now, I could condemn it as an improbable fiction."  
Sir Toby Belch (George Henare), Fabian (Jason Smith); photo, John McDermott

Sir Toby Belch (George Henare), Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Peter McCauley), Cesario (Tandi Wright), Curio (Ben Kissel), Valentine (Brian Rankin), Antonio (Charlie McDermott)
; photo, David Eversfield



Antonio:  "Let me speak a little.  This youth that you see here
I snatched one-half out of the jaws of death,
Relieved him with such sanctity of life,
And to his image, which methought did promise
Most venerable worth, did I devotion."

Viola (as Cesario)
"Methinks his words do from such passion fly,
That he believes himself; so do not I?
Prove true, imagination.  O! prove true.
That I, dear brother, be now ta'en for you.
He named Sebastian; I my brother know
Yet living in my glass; even such and so
In favour was my brother; and he went
Still in this fashion, colour, ornament,
For him I imitate.  O! if it prove,
Tempests are kind, and salt waves fresh in love."



Sir Toby Belch (George Henare), Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Peter McCauley), Cesario (Tandi Wright); photo, John McDermott

Sebastian:  "What relish is this?  How runs this stream?
Or I am mad, or else it is a dream.
Let fancy still my sense in Lethe steep;
If it be thus to dream, still let me sleep!"





Olivia (Jennifer Ward-Lealand), Sebastian (Paolo Rotondo)
; photo, David Eversfield


Malvolio (Paul Barrett), Feste (Oliver Driver); photo, John McDermott



Feste (as Sir Topas):  "Sayest thou this house is dark?"

Malvolio:  "As hell, Reverend Topas."

Feste:  "Why, it hath bay windows transparent as barricades, and the skylights toward the south-north are as lustrous as ebony; and yet complainest thou of obstruction?"




Olivia:  "Who hath made this havoc with them?"




[foreground] Sir Toby Belch (George Henare), Olivia (Jennifer Ward-Lealand), Cesario (Tandi Wright); [background] Esther (Rachael Blampied), Maria (Jacques Drew), Rachael (Esther Stephens), Orsino (Andrew Laing), Feste (Oliver Driver), Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Peter McCauley), Fabian (Jason Smith), Valentine (Brian Rankin), Antonio (Charlie McDermott), Curio (Ben Kissel); photo, David Eversfield


[foreground] Olivia (Jennifer Ward-Lealand), Sebastian (Paolo Rotondo), Cesario/Viola (Tandi Wright); [background] Esther (Rachael Blampied), Rachael (Esther Stephens), Antonio (Charlie McDermott), Orsino (Andrew Laing), Feste (Oliver Driver), Fabian (Jason Smith), Valentine (Brian Rankin), Curio (Ben Kissel)
; photo, David Eversfield


Sebastian: "Do I stand there?  I never had a brother;
Nor can there be that deity in my nature,
Of here and everywhere.  I had a sister,
Whom the blind waves and surges have devoured.
Of charity, what kin are you to me?
What countryman, what name, what parentage?"

Feste (singing)
"A great while ago the world began,
With hey, ho, the wind and the rain;
But that's all one, our play is done,
And we'll strive to please you every day."


Feste (Oliver Driver), Fabian (Jason Smith); photo, David Eversfield




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